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Edmonton, AB, Canada

Dr. Nathan Wong, Affinity Dental

If you dislike having to change light bulbs routinely and furthermore hate getting up on a ladder to do so, one should consider LED lights. With high efficiency, great light output, and a lifespan of 10 years or more, it is a no brainer. 

In searching for a solution to prevent a potential workplace disaster or accident while changing bulbs in my downtown office, I researched InnovaLED. Owners Bill and Phillip were available to do a free audit of my lighting needs and presented me with an estimate of good, better, and best alternatives to achieve the result I wanted. In the end, I chose a light output equivalent to what I had previously but with lower electricity costs and less time in changing many fluorescent tubes. And the best part about it was I could see when my return on investment would kick in just from savings in electricity over time!

The team at InnovaLED were even kind enough to let me test drive some LED replacements to 1) compare output to my existing fluorescent tubes and 2) compare Kelvin colour or warmth desired. They were quick, efficient, finished ahead of schedule, and followed up afterwards to ensure our office was happy.


I highly recommend InnovaLED.

Tracy Wilson, Brisdon Manor Board President

Our Condo property would highly recommend Innovaled Corp for any of your electrical needs. Bill was very prompt to provide quotes & for appointments. We had Innovaled to our location on 2 separate occasions.


His work was clean & very professionally done!

Laury Hawk, Yellowhead Regional Library

"We had so much fun with them, they are just such great guys, and it will be sad to see them go when the project is done".

David Gould, YRL Accountant

"We had zero complaints during the time InnovaLED was working at the library, which is uncommon.


They were exceptionally clean and courteous."

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