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InnovaLED travels to Hong Kong on a mission to design our own light fixture. Whether you want to believe it or not, practically everything (especially electronics) is manufactured in China. The cliché saying that products from there are cheap is true and false at the same time. One of the biggest reasons that prices are so low is because of the amount of people in the work force, this drives down the cost of labor.

The other big reason why many people from the west tend to think Chinese products are cheap is because there are so many factories that are fighting for a piece of the pie. Depending on where your product was created (it could be a high or low quality factory), is what will determine your level of satisfaction with the item. Most of the major corporations such as Phillips, GE, Lithonia, have ALL of their products made in China. Philips owns an entire downtown commercial building in Hong Kong!

The factories they use are high quality but… the labor and materials are still very cheap. I now hope you understand how it works when it comes to global mega corporations. The saying, “buy low sell high”, isn’t just for stock terminology. Last thing I want to add about this topic is to pay attention to where the world’s money is going. They are selling everything to the rest of the world. In 10 or so years China is a strong candidate to be a world super power.

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