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LED technology can be fully customized. The industry is beginning to mature and has a solution for just about any application. Brightness, colour, and beam angle are just some of the parameters within your control. In regards landscape lighting and architectural lighting design, the customization becomes even more complex as digital LED strips are combined with controllers to produce unique lighting effects. Landscape lighting is a fun and dramatic way to increase the overall appeal of any property. It is also one of the best ways to entertain your guests in the evening. With the beautiful LEDs perfectly designed, the mood is set for a wonderful experience.

Properties that are concerned about reducing their energy consumption can consider lower wattage LED lamps, auto dimming fixtures, and higher lumen per watt lamps. Any exterior lights such as wall lights, signs, and pole lights can also be customized. A great example would be of dealing with a burnt-out metal halide bulb on a pole light. In this scenario, the owner has two options. Either retrofit the entire pole head into a new LED head. This option looks the best and can come with solar modules to charge the light itself! The other option would be to bypass the ballast (if there is one) and install and equivalent LED Corn lamp. This method is the more economical option because the corn lamp costs less.

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