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Meridian Plaza is a 10 story condominium complex in the heart of Edmonton. This project focused on the underground parking lot. Originally, the building had 8ft fluorescent fixtures installed throughout. They had 4 x 4ft fluorescent tubes using 32w of power each. There was no timer or dimming functions at all. When lights are on 24/7, 365 days a year, the energy use is tremendous. Approximate 160MWh per year is used.

InnovaLED chose to install brand new LED 8ft and 4ft LED fixtures with built in motion, dimming, and timer capabilities. The 8ft fixtures produce about 9000 lumens. Because of all the capabilities, mainly the dimming function, the calculated energy of the LEDs is 30.5MWh per year.

With the LED rebates of $12,000 for the project (same rebates are no longer available), the return on investment on this project is 0.7 years!!!

Bill Leuang



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