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The Yellowhead Regional Library undergone a major lighting renovation last summer (2017). Their main concerns were the center organization area. This section of the building was poorly lit (only 350-375 Lux). This was due to the extremely high up fixtures above the working area, about 25ft. The metal halide bulbs were rarely or never changed because of the inconvenience to get a man lift inside the tight corridors and around all the book shelves. The other issue about these light fixtures were that they did not shine light directly down towards the floor, but instead shined upwards to create a back glow effect. Not very useful for staff if the base lighting does not even reach them on ground level.

Older government buildings sometimes have metric light fixtures. InnovaLED replaced 303 (2 Lamp), 4ft T12 Fluorescent fixtures. The fixtures were replaced with Standard LED metric 4ft tubes. All old magnetic ballasts were removed and replaced with brand new electronic ballast that were compatible with the tubes.

All exterior lighting was replaced with new LED wall packs and pole lights. Everything is on photocell, which provides further energy savings.

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