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Massive Hidden Energy Savings Revealed

The Landing is a large residential complex consisting of four buildings on the southeast end of Edmonton's downtown core. The condo board and property manager asked iNNOVA LED to visit the site and perform a lighting assessment. Our mission is to help clients dramatically reduce the amount spent on energy by installing the most efficient lighting system. Most often, our project results yield a two-year return on investment.

The lighting audit is relatively straight forward. We meet with the building operator or property manager and gain access to all the public area spaces to tally and record current lighting data. Then with this data, the energy report is created.

Every property is unique and always brings different challenges. Often we provide various options for our clients to choose. By offering alternatives, it makes the decision process simple. In most scenarios, clients select the lowest upfront cost option. Depending on the properties' needs and requirements, the most economical upfront cost option isn't always the best choice. For example, if there have been incidences of vandalism to the current lights at the property, we may recommend installing shielded LED fixtures that cannot be destroyed by physical damage or water damage.

Now, let's discuss the best part, the energy savings! It's typical to encounter lights that are on 24/7 at the properties we assess; this is a significant opportunity to save BIG on energy consumption! The solution is simple, auto-dimming. That's right, auto-dimming tubes and fixtures, or stand-alone motion sensors will dramatically cut energy consumption. All of this is programmable too. You can set the auto function to dim down to 20% capacity after no motion detection for five minutes. Any desired setting is possible. Combine this with the already efficient LED lamps, and you can instantly reduce energy usage by over 50%!

Please find the link to The Landing video and enjoy it. If your property needs a lighting assessment, contact us today!

Bill Owner iNNOVA LED

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