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$1000 Extra Per Month. How Would You Spend It?

Let's talk about something smart.

It's a known fact that energy efficiency projects can dramatically reduce your utility bill, essentially saving you thousands of dollars every month.

Over 12 months, you will have $12,000 of accumulated cash from your reduction in energy via the energy efficiency project. How you spend it, is entirely up to you. Perhaps taking that large sum of collected savings and reinvesting it back into your building is a smart idea?

Is the driveway looking like it survived through an earthquake? Edmonton weather can do that, you know.

Hey, that snow isn't going to shovel itself, maybe hire a landscape maintenance company to take care of it for you.

These are just a few examples of what you could do with the money.

In regards to building maintenance upgrades, nothing can beat the return on investment in LED lighting. It's a fact.

I understand that large complexes have to deal with continual maintenance. HVAC systems, roofing, windows, paint, gutters, plumbing, vandalism, the list goes on.

But all of what I just listed do not SAVE you immediate cash as LED lighting does, they only fix problems. OK, I lied; installing a newer, more efficient HVAC system does yield a return, but it could be somewhere towards 15-20 years!

No other building upgrade can beat LED lighting. It's unfortunate to see building managers doing maintenance only as things come up, essentially putting out fires while being ignorant of the potential savings from LED lighting.

It's most logical to make LED lighting a priority.

Do it first, reap the savings, and then use the money to finance other maintenance projects. It's that simple.

Learn more on our website and book an audit when you are ready to start saving.

Bill Leuang iNNOVA LED

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