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iNNOVA LED will be attending the Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate (CEER) program tomorrow at Sutton Place. The City of Edmonton and ICF Canada are hosting the information session. Industry professionals are encouraged to participate in the session by voicing their input on program design, including incentive amounts, eligibility requirements for both participants and equipment. The insight gained from industry experts will help ensure the program rolls out smoothly and is effective in its main goal, which is to make Edmonton commercial businesses more energy efficient.

I expect getting incentives through the CEER program will be more efficient than the first rebate program. Consider this a second chance to make your business more energy efficient. The last rebate program ended abruptly, and without notice. Leaving many business owners empty-handed. Don't wait, start taking the necessary actions now.

Expect a landslide of applications once the program launches (April). To beat the wave, have your assessments and quotes completed beforehand. There will be cap on how much incentives are available for each measure per year. Once, that cap is reached, no more incentives will be offered until the following year.

Bill Leuang


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