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City Launches New Rebate Program (BERA)

Hi everyone,

The Building Energy Retrofit Accelerator aims to improve energy efficiency in commercial and institutional buildings. What is covered are:

  • HVAC Systems

  • Windows

  • Lighting Fixtures and Controls

  • Building Envelope

  • More

Up to $125,000 per building, per year. Eligible buildings must be larger than 10,000 square feet, located within city limits and have equipment installed from a list of qualified products.

NEW: Eligible buildings must be registered for Edmonton's Building Energy Benchmarking Program. Participants will benefit from technical support, customized building benchmarking reports, tenant education workshops and access to financial incentives to offset the cost for an ASHRAE Level 2 audit. A deadline for registration is September 30, 2020.

There is plenty of information, links, and PDFs here.

We will send updates, as this program progresses. Have a great weekend!


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