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The first CEER info session was well organized and informative. Lisa Dockman and D.M Stoneman did a fine job presenting. Encouragement of all stakeholders to voice their opinions to the audience was the best part. The group participation directed a well-rounded discussion on program details and guidelines that needed clarification.

You can expect roughly the same type of measures to be incentives as the last Energy Efficiency Alberta rebate program. LED lighting, Lighting Controls, HVAC, Water Heating, Building Envelope, and Building Certification incentives can all be found within CEER.

The target market is set to involve Buildings being used for commercial use only, mixed-use building (commercial and residential), common areas of multi-family building and all institutional buildings. Newly constructed buildings will not be accepted. Only buildings that have been constructed a full calendar year after the program has launched will be considered.

Each en user participant of the CEER program has a maximum rebate cap of $50,000 per building. All interested applicants need to submit for no less than $1000 in rebates to be eligible.

The program is set to launch this spring (April). Stay tuned for updates as the date approaches.



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