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The Century - Five Year Warranty LED Upgrade

LED's have been around since 1962. Since then, they have become the worlds leading choice for all types of lighting. CFLs, Fluorescents, Halogens, will all eventually be phased out the superior lighting technology.

We completed upgrading all the interior and exterior lights at The Century back in 2018. It's nice working in newer buildings versus older ones because all the light fixtures are uniform and there are no hidden surprises like shorted out fixtures due to water damage and general building degradation.

It's very common for us to begin by doing a test installation area for the tenants to see the different colour and lamp options. If you're going to make an investment with a five-year warranty, it makes sense to get everything exactly the way you want it. In the end, we decided to go with 5000K for everything. Colour choice for your lights really comes down to preference, but it does have to do with circadian rhythm and humancentric lighting also, which will not be discussed in this post.

All the lamps we install are rated for 50,000 hours of life, which equates to 24/7 365, for 5 years! A19 lamps are getting close to the 5-year life rating but are not quite there a year. That is why for new projects, we install E26 corn lights instead. Because it just makes things a whole lot better when you can say, everything is rated for at least 5 years!

For more info and media, you can find more through the link here.

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