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Complete LED Upgrade

The Gainsborough is an elegant condominium located on the west side of Jasper Avenue in Edmonton. The property is very keen on maintenance and upkeep. InnovaLED has dramatically increased light output and reduced energy consumption by approximately 30%


Complete LED Upgrade

The Century condominium is located on 104 St downtown Edmonton. The building was mostly concerned with the longevity of LEDs and not needing to waste time and money on traditional lamps any further. InnovaLED completed the job in three weeks.

Complete LED Upgrade

Meridian Plaza was fortunate enough to utilize the rebates for LED fixture when they were available for a short time. They received over 10K in rebates! InnovaLED installed brand new LED water proof 8 foot fixtures in the 4 level underground parking lot. The fixtures have built in motion, timer, and dimming functionalities.

Complete LED Upgrade

The Parliament is a high rise condominium located on 109 St in downtown Edmonton. The condo board was looking for a long lasting solution for the lighting at the building and InnovaLED proposed the solutions.


Complete LED Upgrade

B & H Tower is located in the Oliver Square region of Edmonton's downtown core. It is a mid rise condominium in desperate need of LED lights. The exterior lighting in particular was dark and allowed for many intruders. After the conversion, there hasn't been a complaint since, plus they are enjoying a reduction in energy costs!

Complete Lighting Upgrade

The Yellowhead Regional Library recently undergone major updates, and lighting was one of them. The amount of energy reduction was about 35% less energy consumption due to lighting. For such a large property, that adds up to make a huge difference. This project was completed in 2017 and we have not had a single lamp burn out, amazing!

Complete LED Upgrade

The owners of Hyde Park were very much interested in utilizing the benefits of energy efficiency through LEDs. We updated all of the interior and exterior lights. The return on investment was around two years.


Exterior Lighting Upgrade

InnovaLED upgraded the exterior lighting at Sumerside Centre. Corn lights were installed in the front wall fixtures and we replaced all the rear wall packs with new LED fixtures with photo sensors. The pole lights were changed to new LED pole head fixtures.

Complete Facility Lighting Upgrade

Infasco is on of North Americas largest suppliers of metal nuts and bolts. As you can imagine, this facility runs 24/7 using a staggering amount of energy for its equipment and also lighting. Most the of factories lighting come with overheard high bays. InnovaLED and JPS Electric changed all of the 750 x 400W metal halide fixtures to 200W LED UFO high bays.

Complete LED Upgrade

Mess is the owner of this UPS store across from West Edmonton Mall. He was frustrated with always having to change burning out fluorescent lamps. InnovaLED changed everything in one day. Now he can focus on his customers!


LED Retrofit

Pylon signs that still operate with ballasts and fluorescent lamps are slowly becoming a thing of the past. New signs now are all digital and programmable. Contact us for more information.

Lobby Lights

This project was a unique challenge. The ceiling lights were all burning out and were extremely high. Therefor, nobody could reach it easily to change the bulbs. The second factor was that you could not fit a scissor lift inside the lobby either, as it was to tight. InnovaLED set up scaffolding to reach the very top of the ceiling, changed the ballasts on all the fixtures and installed new LED 60W corn lights.

LED Upgrades (Various Projects)

Compass Place is owned and manged by Humford Property Management. It is a commercial mid rise building located on Jasper AVE and 112 ST in Edmonton. InnovaLED has upgraded the lighting in many sections of the building. To name a few: underground parking lot, common area, and numerous floors.


Complete LED Upgrade

Ken Mah, the owner of both the Tim Horton's in Camrose was tired of waiting for the maintenance workers to come change burnt out U- Lamps. InnovaLED upgraded his two locations to 2x2 flat panel LED panels. Now he's happy to not waste anymore time with burnt out fluorescent lamps.

Full LED Upgrade

Doan's restaurant was having trouble with the amount of BR20s located on the high ceiling. When they would burn out, it would take up time bringing out a very tall ladder just to change one bulb. InnovaLED upgraded everything inside, now they can focus on more important things, like making Pho!

Full LED Conversion

Dr. Nathan Wong never enjoyed constantly changing burnt out fluorescent lamps. It his busy dental office, he needs to focus time on more important matters. InnovaLED ensured that his dental products would still work as they should under the new LED lights. Now he hasn't had to change a single light in years.